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Welcome to 3a – restaurant, bar, lounge

Enjoy memorable moments in a unique and refined atmosphere. Greet the morning with coffee and croissants or with our rich breakfast buffet. For lunch and dinner taste our delicious pasta or rice specialities, prepared right in front of you by our chef. Alternatively, in the afternoons we offer homemade fruit pies, so good you can hardly resist. In our drink selection at the bar, we have refreshing seasonal drinks, wine or local beer.

Bistro   Klassiker   Aus aller Welt

3a stands for selected, market fresh ingredients, gently and healthily prepared – and all at a fair price. Watch the chef at work with the wok and tell him how you want your dishes to taste – with seasonal vegetables and spices according to your wishes and served with pasta or rice. A salad is provided with all hot dishes. Both, food and drinks can be ordered at the bar.

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